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Seed Sales

Quality Pioneer Seed getting you the Right Product for the Right Acre.

Seed Delivery

To your storage facility or directly to the field anytime of day or night.

Farm Management Decisions

From Planting to Harvest and everything in between we assist you in making the best decision for your operation.


In-depth Agronomic scouting on fields of your choice.

Soil and Tissue Sampling

An important part of getting the most of your yield.

Seed Treating

With our new bulk bin system and newest technology in treating beans, we can get you protection specific to your operation.

Agronomic Products

Products that we can have in house that are based on your needs.

Seed Tenders

Making your planting more efficient and less time-consuming.

Precision Planting

Modern planters are amazing machines, but there’s room for improvement – we can provide Precision Planting products from monitoring, metering, depth control and more. Room to grow. Room for better yields.

Todd Valley Farms Grass Seed

We provide lawn grass, particularly RTF Turf Saver [rhizomatous tall fescue] which is an advanced turf-type tall fescue that produces rhizomes. Rhizomes are small underground lateral shoots that allow a plant to spread laterally. This enables the turf area to self-repair itself. This self-healing trait has been limited to bluegrass. Fescue, which is classified as a “clump grass” has never had this ability. Now you can have a lawn with the best traits of both bluegrass and fescue in one grass, RTF “Water Saver” fescue.