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Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont business, is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics to farmers worldwide. We seek to increase customer productivity, profitability and develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Innovative and customer-focused, Pioneer is a leader in the agriculture industry and upholds the highest standards. Headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, Pioneer provides services to customers in nearly 70 countries.


Pioneer embraces new ideas that foster customer trust and improve our ability to deliver quality products. Pioneer, the first company to market hybrid seed, continues to innovate and deliver improved products to customers around the world.


Pioneer works customer-by-customer and market-by-market to understand and support the people we serve. We deliver an agronomic package that includes a wide selection of industry-leading products, as well as services, advice, and information tailored to individual needs. Continued Pioneer growth allows customers access to new opportunities while enabling Pioneer to fund research and improve products.


Our future and the future of agriculture depend on leading with purpose, strong core values and people who are focused on making a difference. This is something Pioneer has always believed in and is part of how we do business. Our commitment to agricultural leadership is demonstrated by developing and promoting superior industry standards, using new technology to provide our customers with the best products, while also preserving biodiversity. These practices span across our industry and around the globe.

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